About Me – NeimerDreamer

picWhat’s up, y’all? My name is Neima Abdulahi. Better known as NeimerDreamer by my family and close friends. That was my rap name in middle school. Back then, I thought I would be the next Missy Elliot by now. Obviously that didn’t happen. I became a TV news reporter instead and I currently work for the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, 11Alive News. It feels good to be back in my hometown after working in Charlotte for three years. #DecaturWhereItsGreater

I launched the NeimerDreamer blog six years ago to primarily write about music. I called myself “Your favorite amateur music historian introducing you to unique perspectives.” In case you’re wondering, I am not musically talented. Can’t play nothin’ and definitely can’t hit a decent note. Trust me, I tried (insert sad face emoji here). But I do LOVE music. Any genre. Any era. Any style. From the Beatles to 2Chainz, from Bob Dylan to Tupac, Kenny Chesney to Goodie Mob… I pretty much have hundreds of albums. And being an ATLien, well, I can tell you about Outkast’s influence and how they helped pioneer this thing we now call Southern Rap.

One of my new year resolutions was to get back to writing about music. So this blog is my passion project. For me it’s therapeutic. Melodic. And an art-form that has greatly influenced my life and who I am today. Hip-hop saved my life.

Thanks for browsing my blog. Maybe you’ll find something useful and eye-opening. Maybe you won’t. Either way, thanks for browsing. Please comment or share online with the hashtag #NeimerDreamer so I can find it 🙂 May your playlists brighten your day!

To contact me, send me a direct message on Instagram at @NeimerDreamer.


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